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Blank Printable Weekly Chore Chart with Reward Ideas for Kids. Best Chore Chart Template for Morning Afternoon Evening.

Weekly Chore Chart Template For Kids

The Best Ideas for Kids’ Weekly Chore Chart in 2022

The innocent kids can be all chaotic and rigid when it comes to teaching them how to organize themselves and their little exciting world. It is a herculean task for most mothers as they face all sorts of odds to make their children follow a routine. No doubt, it may be a bit hard to teach your children how to develop some good habits but it’s not impossible for sure. 

When in search of a tool that can help your little one become more disciplined then you can surely rely on weekly chore charts templates which can prove to be a great helping hand.

Printable Weekly Chore Chart For Kids

The blank chore charts are amazing to be used as a guideline for your children. The parents can fill this chart with the chores that are suitable for the age as well as the maturity level of their kids. The focus of this chart is to boost the attention and accountability of your young ones.

Weekly Chore Chart for Kids

You should try to consider a weekly chore chart for kids that uses pictures rather than words, to make your children more interested in the chores. The trick is that the pictures amuse children more than words.

If you wonder what are the different chores ideas appropriate for your children’s age then fret not we have some great ideas for you. We have narrowed down some of the best chore chart ideas for kids of different age groups which you can use in your customized chore charts. You can opt for these ideas to make your children more disciplined, organized and consistent in their day to day lives. 

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids (Age 2-7)

  • Ages 2 and 3
S. No.Personal Chores
1Keep toys in the storage after playtime
2Pile up their books light in weight 
3Organize their beds and straighten them 
S. No.Family Chores
1Place dirty laundry in the laundry basket
2Fill up pet’s water bowl
  • Ages 4 and 5
S. No.Personal Chores
1Get dressed (with a little help)
2Wash hands / sanitize hands 
3Brush teeth
4Eat food with little help 
S. No.Family Chores
1Help in setting up the table with elder supervision
2Hand in some articles to parents when needed
3Clear the table with supervision
4Help with insignificant food preparation such as applying butter over toasts, distributing eatables to other family members
5Help carrying the groceries lighter in weight 
6Sort out the laundry (whites vs. colors)
7Match socks (washed)
8Take responsibility for pet’s food
9Watering the plants
10Watering plants under the supervision of parents
  • Ages 6 and 7
S. No.Personal Chores
1Make their bed every day and keep it organized
2Brush teeth
3Wash face
4Comb hair
S. No.Family Chores
1Take charge for pet’s food, water, and exercise
2Cleanroom and do dusting
3Learn to fold laundry
4Keep laundry in drawers and closets
5Give hand while preparing for food

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids (Age 8-18)

From the age of 8 to 18, a child goes through different stages of development and imbibes a sense of responsibility towards themselves as well as other family members. So it becomes important to guide these developing children to engage themselves in household tasks which develop their personality and make them responsible and sincere.

You must use a free printable weekly chore chart to instruct your children to do different activities. These charts help them be well-planned and consistent in their routine. 

Weekly Chore Chart for Kids

Note: Parents can help their children in allocating different tasks in the chore chart template.

  • Ages 8 to 11
S. No.Personal Chores
1Take care of personal hygiene (showering, brushing, cutting nails, etc.)
2Keep bedroom neat and clean
3Pack their own lunch while going to school
4Be responsible for homework and assignments
5Be responsible for their own belongings such as books, stationery, calculator
6Set alarm clock and use them to wake up in the morning 
S. No.Family Chores
1Wash dishes in the kitchen i.e. the smaller ones like cups and saucers
2Serve food to the family members or guests
3Help wash the family cars 
4Water plants
5Cook a few easy meals
6Learn how to clean the bathroom 
7Learn to use the washer and dryer
8Help up the sick family member 
  • Ages 12 and 13
S. No.Personal Chores
1Be responsible for personal hygiene, belongings, and homework
2Set the alarm clock and use it for other tasks too
3Change bed sheets
4Learn to dress properly
5Clean up the room every day
6Keep their all stuff organized
7Keep their cupboard neat and clean
S. No.Family Chores
1Change the vacuum bag
2Dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms and do dishes
3Mow the lawn with supervision
4Take care of other young siblings and make them learn things
5Make tea, coffee and serve it
6Learn about some basic medications and first aid
  • Ages 14 and 15
S. No.Personal Chores
1Take up responsibility for all personal chores like homework, cleaning and dusting the room
2Responsible for library cards, books, identity cards, pocket money, watch, glasses, etc.
S. No.Family Chores
1Be responsible for the assigned housework without prompting
2Be active in gardening, cleaning, and washing cars in a frequent manner.
3Babysit and taking care of other younger siblings 
4Do chores related to cooking like buying groceries, making a grocery list, cooking meals for the family, chopping, dishwashing etc.
5Wash car
  • Ages 16 to 18
S. No.Personal Chores
1Be accountable for all personal chores between ages 14 and 15
2Take charge of earning and spending money and make your own budget
3Purchasing your own clothes according to your taste 
4Learn driving under the supervision of parents or other older family members
S. No.Family Chores
1Engage in all household works like an adult
2Take care of the plants, trees in your garden
3Take charge of preparing family meals with your elder family members
4Get into intense cleaning of household appliances, such as defrosting the freezer

Note: Make sure you add the given suggestions in the printable weekly chore chart templates as per the maturity level of your kid and their capability.

Printable Chore Chart with Checkbox

Here’s another template for a weekly chore chart for your kids with checkboxes. In this template, you can track your kids’ weekly progress. Get a free PDF version of this printable template.

Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

Benefits of Using Weekly Chore Charts

  • Time Management 

If you want your kids to value time and learn the importance of different tasks in their life then chore charts work best to impart the value of time. Kids can allot different time slots for different tasks which will make them organized and consistent in their life.

  • Task Management 

It’s natural for the kids to get confused with the number of tasks that their life demands from them, be it for their study, curricular activities, hobbies etc. But through the weekly chore charts they can streamline all those tasks and be productive. 

  • Habit Formation 

If you want your kids to develop good habits then these habits must make room in the templates. The child can be comfortable in any activity if he/she maintains regularity in that. 

Note: Do not overwhelm your child with many activities at a time, rather keep different activities for different days. 

Overall, the above-given suggestions are most recommended to make your child imbibe a sense of accountability and consistency. You can write up these tasks in the weekly chore chart template and let your children learn and grow up to be mature and self-organized humans. 

So you can best get these chore chart templates for kids from Blank Printable. These templates are available in PNG format. The PDF format is also available to make these printable templates in superior and refined quality.

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