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Printable 30 Day Pushup Challenge for Upper-Body Strength. Best 30 Day Fitness Challenge for Beginners.

30 Day Pushup Challenge Printable Chart

New in the Game of Fitness? Here is the 30 Day Pushup Challenge for You!

Well, it’s never too late to prioritize your health over other things. Though you may have started late, it’s fruitful to start. Moreover, the pandemic-stricken world has made people realize the value of health. 

When it comes to embracing fitness, there is no better exercise to start with than push-ups. Push ups are widely known exercises and they have much to offer to fitness aspirants. But nothing comes so easy, and consistency in push-ups demands a lot of discipline with a strong will. So challenging yourself with 30 days of consistent exercise is an idea you must seek for. 

A 30 day challenge template can help you to be consistent and focused with your fitness regime while keeping a check on all the exercises you need to do everyday. You can personalize these templates as per your fitness level and your goals of fitness.

If you have been thinking of pushing your boundaries physically with a 30 days challenge, then get enlightened through this post.

How Many Pushups Should You Do as a Beginner?

The number of pushups to start as a beginner should not be very high in number. You are not expected to do 20-25 pushups in a row. You need to do only that many pushups which help you to maintain your proper form. So starting with 8-10 pushups in a day would suffice. Others, however, may go for 15-20, but that depends upon their fitness level. 

Once you start and be consistent in it then you will start seeing improvement in your capabilities. 

What Does the 30 Day Pushup Challenge Do?

The 30 day pushup challenge for beginners aims to help you achieve well-rounded strength in your upper body by the month end. The aim is not to do a crazy amount of repetitions but to increase your strength. A crazy number of pushups won’t help much but your determination does.

After 30 days, you will see a new and better you. You will feel much stronger and fit. And, this challenge helps you gain confidence to start with your intense sessions of gaining strength. 

If you are a beginner and want to design your template according to your choice then blank templates are all you need. Download this 30 day pushup challenge which is completely blank and can be customized according to your routine and stamina.

Types of Pushups to Include in Your Challenge  

Let’s have a look at the type of push-ups you can include in your 30 day pushup challenge

You can do the following push-ups on your knees or in the plank form, whatsoever best suits your existing fitness level. If you complete a push on your knees then you do have the liberty to modify any push up variations as necessary.

Classic Push Up

Keep your hand on the floor. Then, you need to place your feet back into plank position. Afterwards, bend your body towards the floor by bending the elbows. Continue with the same position until you hover a few inches above the floor and keep your arms straight to push back up. 

Wide Grip Push Up

A wide grip push up has much similarity with a classic push up. The only distinction is that your hands are placed far away from each other – slightly farther than shoulder width distance.

Incline Push Up

This push up has to be completed on an incline. For this position, you need to get a chair or bench that will support your weight, place your hands on it rather than the floor.

Stacked Feet Push Up

Stick to classic form, but place one foot upon the other so the toes of only one foot are in touch with the floor.

Shoulder Tap Push Up

When you complete your classic push up, then while returning to plank position, balance on one arm whereas you have to use your opposite arm to reach across your body and tap that shoulder.

Diamond Push Up

In this push up, you need to keep your hands next to one another on the floor. Create a diamond shape by touching the top of your index fingers, and outstretch your thumbs out so that they touch one another, creating a diamond shape.

Raised Leg Push Up

Raise your one leg in the air and keep it in the same position when you complete a push up.

Dive Bomber Push Up

You need to start with an upward dog position, and your legs and hips will be against the floor. On the other hand, your arms will be straight to lift your upper body into a backbend. 

Spider Push Up

Begin with a classic push up position, and bring one knee up close to your chest while your leg will be in an elevated position. Complete a push up while holding your knee up near to your chest and balancing on the opposite leg.

Spider push up must be a part of your 30 day pushup challenge for beginners. So don’t forget to add it in your template. 

Decline Push Up

Get a chair or some low surface to place your feet on. Then, you should bend down to keep your palms on the floor, while stretching your arms straight. Complete a push up in this decline position, and your both feet should be on the raised surface.

Commando Push Ups

Commando push ups are advanced variations of push ups. If you have an intermediate level of fitness then you can touch your hand to your knee at the top of the push up. However, under the more advanced version, you need to touch your elbow to your knee after a push up.

You can check out this 30 day fitness challenge template that has already been designed by our experts to suit your needs. This template is easy to follow in your daily routine. You can see a difference in your fitness by following this regimen.

Note: 30 day fitness challenge may include some of the push-ups according to your physical capability. You can also resort to blank templates to make your fitness challenge customized.

The Final Words 

Push ups must be an imperative part of your fitness challenge as it has all the potential to make you much stronger, fit and immunized. And when you think of making a plan for yourself then you need to go for a 30 day challenge template which can be customized as per your needs and fitness level.

Do you also want to motivate others through this fitness challenge? If yes, then tag your friends in this challenge through Instagram or any other social media so that they can also become motivated to achieve fitness.

If you are in need of such fitness challenging templates then there is no better provider than for high quality, blank and printable fitness templates. These can be tailored according to your needs.

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