September 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays

September is the ninth month of the year, with thirty days. This month is the end of summer days and the beginning of fall. September is derived from the Latin word “septum,” which means “seven.” On the Roman calendar, it is the seventh month. If you want to make September 2023 a better month, you should print out our free September 2023 printable calendar. Furthermore, it is a one-page monthly calendar consisting of September federal and public holidays. It is available in two formats – JPEG and PNG. You can keep it as a file on any device or get it printed easily as a hard copy. Visit our other pages to download the FREE Monthly Calendar 2023.

September 2023 begins on Friday and ends on Saturday. The only federal holiday in September month is Labor Day in the US. Not to mention, having a printable 2023 September calendar is the best way of organizing monthly chores, commercial purposes and an excellent way to schedule any important event. We have a regular September 2023 calendar and September month calendar with notes, as well as a calendar with holidays. In addition, these calendars will prepare you for any special event, such as birthdays, client meetings, to-do lists – a perfect task and time management tool to discipline your life.

Printable September 2023 Calendar Template

Our printable September 2023 calendars are versatile and flexible. They are easy-to-use, editable, and use-again later types of calendars. Moreover, these calendars are compatible with every device, such as smartphones, tablets, and iPad, together with laptops and desktop computers. You can mark important events, regular doctor check-ups, dentist visits, observances, family members’ birthdays and anniversaries, and corporate meetings without any hassle. All templates available on our website are downloadable and printable in PNG and JPEG formats.

This free printable September Calendar 2023 can be used as a monthly planner. Download and Print!

September 2023 Calendar Printable

Monday Start September 2023 Calendar

If you are looking for a calendar template that starts with Monday and ends with Sunday, we got you covered. You can also print this unique Monday Start 2023 September Calendar template for your workplace. In addition, this calendar will help you remember every necessary occasion and festival. Hence, get it free today!

September 2023 Calendar Monday to Sunday

September Calendar with US Holidays

Do you need a calendar for September 2023 that includes all holidays? You are in the right place. Our unique selection will help you mark every federal or public holiday coming in September. It is your one-stop solution to remember US holidays and festivals, your dear ones’ birthdays, weekly housecleaning, client meetings, and office events.

September 2023 Calendar with US Holidays

September Calendar with Notes

The calendar template that has additional space for notes is like icing on top. Get our versatile 2023 September calendar today and add important notes and write-ups on it. You can mark event dates and work schedules, and write notes about them to make sure you do not forget anything vital. You can also use it as an office desk calendar by creating a hardcopy (print) of it and putting it wherever you want.

September 2023 Calendar with Notes

September Holidays and Observances

Labors’ Day

Labor Day is a federal public holiday in the United States of America, observed on the first Monday of September every year. At first, this day is organized to address labor unions and their contribution to the country’s economy. Nowadays, all educational institutes, government offices, and most businesses stay closed on Labor Day. Individuals celebrate this day through picnics, barbeques, parties, and firework displays. 

Patriot Day

In the United States of America, 11th September is celebrated as an annual observance in memory of those who died or were injured during the terrorists on 11th September 2001. It is also known as the 9/11 attack. Patriot Day is not a public holiday, and all schools, government offices, and businesses stay open. Nonetheless, people hold special programs, church services, prayer meetings, and various events to respect those who endured untimely deaths

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day 

Constitutional Day and Citizenship Day celebrates the adoption of the constitution of the United States of America and those who become the citizens of America. Additionally, 17th to 23rd September is recognized as the Constitution week. This day is not a federal public. Therefore all schools, businesses, and government institutes are open. Contrarily, 17th September is observed as a state holiday in Arizona. Many civil and institutional authorities and citizens commemorate this day with a wide array of activities, outings, and events.

September Observances and Fun Facts:

September 2023 is observed as:

  • National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Preparedness Month
  • National School Success Month

September Fruits & Vegetables:

  • Figs
  • Grapes
  • Poblano Peppers
  • Chili Peppers
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Grapes
  • Tomatillos
  • Serrano Pepper

September Astrological Sign:

  • Virgo (August 23 to September 22)
  • Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Notable Observances:

  • Family Health & Fitness Day (30th September)

Who doesn’t want an organized life? I guess everyone! Although technology has advanced to a peak level, printable calendars can never get oldfangled. With September 2023 Calendar printable templates, you don’t have to memorize anything. You can easily mark your targets, goals, essential events, birthdays, office meetings, etc., on a simple piece of paper. These calendars are your best friends, and you can carry them anywhere, be it on any device like smartphones, Mac books, tablets, or laptops, or simply get them printed and use them as a desk calendar. From the given collection, choose your best September 2023 calendar to print.

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