June 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays

Find the Best Printable June 2023 Calendar Templates.

Every month and event deserves a grand celebration. June is the sixth month of the year and has 30 days. Just like other months of the year, June comes with various holidays and observances. That’s why we want you to download our free printable June 2023 calendar, a priceless gem that can help you pre-plan your holidays. We have so many customizable templates for you for the month of June.

Do you want to mark special days in June? Download our fresh and new, blank June 2023 Calendar template online for free and note down your important meetings, birthdays, and other occasions, which will not just remind you of all the unique things but also make you happy. You can easily download and print the calendar from our website. Enjoy various free templates, weekly calendars, daily planner calendars, and more. It will make you more active and productive.

Printable June 2023 Calendar Template

Time management is an essential life skill, especially if you are a professional or a student. Learning how to keep yourself on toes can help you accomplish various goals, and this can be achieved with a printable June 2023 calendar while also leaving time for other secondary things. Let us remind you that all our templates are free. Simply download the June calendar template, open it with a PDF viewer, add notes and reminders.

June 2023 Calendar Printable

Monday Start June 2023 Calendar

Mark your valuable events and meetings on our printable June 2023 calendar Monday to Sunday template. This calendar is ideal for lining important office dates, meetings, appointments, business events, and other essential reminders of June. Download the calendar in PNG format and customize the template easily. You can request a PDF mode as well for direct printing.

June 2023 Calendar Monday Start

June Calendar with Notes

A printable June 2023 calendar with notes should be your top choice if you want to keep track of company meetings and important business events occurring within the month. Add notes to make sure you don’t miss anything necessary for a specific day. Get the template printed, add reminders, to-do lists, and goals, and use it as an office desk calendar.

June 2023 Calendar with Notes

June Calendar with US Holidays

Do you need a calendar that has a complete list of federal and public holidays in June 2023? This calendar is your go-to option. Printable June 2023 calendar is available in PNG format and can be used on any smart device. You can even get a hard copy of it and mark your big days, loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate meetings and place it on your table so that you can keep an eye on every coming occasion.

June 2023 Calendar with Holidays

Festivals and Observances in June 2023

DateHolidays and ObservancesType
June 14, 2023Flag DayObservance
June 18, 2023Father’s DayObservance
June 19, 2023JuneteenthFederal

Flag Day

Flag Day is celebrated in the United States on June 14. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson, a resident of the United States, officially announced this as Flag Day. However, Flag Day is not an official federal holiday. But it’s a state holiday in only one state of the US – Pennsylvania. Every year, people wholeheartedly celebrate this day by holding the longest-running parade in Quincy, Massachusetts, which will celebrate its 63rd year in June 2023.

Father’s Day

Every third Sunday of June month is dedicated to all the Fathers in the United States, regarded as Father’s Day. However, this day is not a public holiday, but fortunately, it falls on Sunday, so all schools and businesses are usually closed. It is believed that the origin of Father’s Day dates back to July 5th, 1908, in memory of all the men who lost their lives in a mine explosion in Monongah. On this day, children give cards, gifts, etc., to their fathers or fatherly figures and treat them with exclusive lunch or dinner.


Juneteenth is a day of celebration on June 19th. It is signed as a federal holiday by President Joe Biden on Thursday, 17th June 2021. It is long commemorated by African Americans when they got free of slavery in Texas on 19th June 1865. Initially, Texas was the only state to celebrate Juneteenth. While the day became a state holiday in Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia, it is both a state and public holiday in New Jersey. Moreover, it is observed as a legal state-paid day off in Delaware, Michigan, South Dakota, Washington D.C., Maine, and Illinois. People across the US host a special Juneteenth flag on this day.

Apart from this, there are also some special days which we have discussed below. Please have a look:

  • World Ocean Day

Internationally, every 8th of June is proclaimed as World Ocean Day. The day is dedicated to all the oceans on Earth and their importance to humanity. The proposal to celebrate 8th June was coined in 1992 during United Nations Earth Summit in Brazil. People in America celebrate this day by gathering together organizing beach clean-ups. You will observe various zoo owners, aquarium preservers, and conversion programmers host special cleaning events. Many amateur photographers participate in Oceans Day Photography Competition globally on this day.

  • National Children’s Day

Every second Sunday in June is celebrated as National Children’s Day in all states of America. The purpose of this day is for the welfare of the kids by investing in their future, refining the education system, improving their health-related issues, and making the world a beautiful place for them. If you have kids, spend some quality time with them, converse one-on-one with them, and know about the things going on in their lives.

June Observances and Fun Facts

June 2023 is observed as: 

  • National Safety Month
  • LQBTQ Pride Month
  • Men’s Health Month

June Birthstone:

  • Moonstone, Pearl, and Alexandrite

June Fruits & Vegetables:  

  • Blueberries
  • Aprium
  • Strawberries
  • Pluot
  • Okra
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Cherries
  • Plum
  • Raddish
  • Lychee
  • Rhubarb

June Flower:

  • Rose

June Astrological Sign:

  • Gemini (May 21 to June 20)
  • Cancer (June 21 to July 20)

Those, who always want to keep themselves ready for every occasion, event, and meeting, must try our editable and printable 2023 June Calendar. These calendars are ideal time management tools that will make your life less cumbersome. June 2023 Calendar templates are available in PNG format, which means they are compatible with all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mini laptops, or computers.

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