July 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays

According to Juliana and Georgian Calendars, July is the seventh month between June and August. It is the fourth month having 31 days. July is named after the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. This month is the best to start your summer events with full enthusiasm and passion with an all-inclusive July 2023 Calendar printable template that will help you get on your toes for various festivals, important events, and holidays to be celebrated. Typically, 3rd July brings the start of hot and sultry summer days.

Set reminders for important dates, birthdays, and anniversaries of your loved ones by simply printing our July 2023 Printable Calendar available on our website in PNG format. On special request, we can provide you with the PDF file that you use on your mobile device or tab for a quick view of federal and public holidays, observances, festivals, and more. It can also keep you on your toes for important business meet-ups and client meetings. A printable calendar lying on your desk allows you to communicate much more effectively with your team for vital scheduled events.

Printable July 2023 Calendar Template

Having a July 2023 printable calendar is one of the most effective strategies for planning everything for the entire month. It can be a crucial ingredient for helping you achieve success in a number of ways. This is because, with a printable calendar template in hand, you are always aware of what to expect and when to expect, enabling you to plan out everything and be more flexible and consistent.

July 2023 Calendar Printable

This 2023 July Calendar template will keep you highly focused and be utterly productive as much as you can. All your team members will be able to see their goals, objectives, and achievements on one big printable July 2023 calendar hanging on your company’s bulletin board.

July 2023 Calendar Monday Start

Treat yourself with a classic professional design printable 2023 July Calendar that can easily be edited or customized with your routine schedule and planning. Design with easy-to-use features and mark important events like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other impeccable occasions for the month of July.

July 2023 Calendar Monday Start

2023 July Calendar with Notes

The July calendar with notes is a free printable calendar that enables you to plan your important events and meetings for July month. You can use it as a monthly desk calendar and utilize the notes section to add to-do lists, monthly goals, reminders, and much more. It is available in PNG format that you can get printed with ease.

July 2023 Calendar with Holidays

July Calendar with US Holidays

This USA July 2023 calendar with public and federal holidays will make your life much easier. You can quickly keep records of your office tasks, personal appointments, and work meetings while knowing they don’t clash with holidays. This calendar is available in PNG format and gives calming effect when placed on the office table.

July 2023 Calendar with Holidays

Holidays and Observations in July Month

Independence DayJuly 4th, 2023

Every year July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day, a federal holiday, in the United States. Colloquially Americans call it “Fourth of July.” In 2023, the fourth of July will fall on Tuesday. On this day, there is a public holiday in five states, a day-off for schools, the general public, and a majority of businesses are closed. On the fourth of July, various family events and patriotic events are organized across America. Many people host the national flag outside their homes or offices and show enthusiasm through fireworks.

Parents’ DayJuly 23rd, 2023

Every fourth Sunday of July is celebrated as Parents’ Day. People celebrate it to promote responsible parenting and positive aspects of parents. In addition, this day is the sign of remarkable bonds of love and affection among children and their parents. It is an important day for kids and adults to honor their parents with unique cuisine, handmade cards, bouquets, and gift hampers. Besides, some go out with their parents and treat them with lunches and dinners. However, it’s not a public or state holiday; Parents’ Day is a national observance in the US.

Cousins’ DayJuly 24th, 2023

Cousins Day is in reference to the unique and sacred relationship shared between cousins. Cousins are relatives with whom we share common ancestors. It was first celebrated in 2015 and gained immense recognition throughout the years.

St. James TG HistoryJuly 25th, 2023

This day was celebrated in the memory of James the Great, an important and most trusted follower of Jesus, who witnessed the transfiguration of Lord Christ and rebirth of Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Every year the celebrations of St. James TG take place in Roman Catholic Churches. 

National Mutt DayJuly 31st, 2023

This day is for your fur buddies – pets – also known as national Mixed Dog Breed Day. Interestingly, this observance occurs two times a year – first on 31st July and second on December 2nd. This occasion helps us to understand the importance of mixed breed dogs and encourages us to love and nurture them in the right way. Adopting a dog on this day is a perfect way to show gratitude towards this observance. 

Essential Symbols of July:
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Birth Flower: Larkspur or Water Lily
  • Animal: Ram
  • Tree: Before July 7th – The Oak Tree and After July 7th – The Holly Tree
  • Soul Symbol: Fire
  • Zodiac Signs: Cancer (June 21 to July 22) and Leo (July 23 to August 22)

To conclude, we will only say that having July 2023 Calendar templates in your life is extremely handy. You will not miss out on your friends’ birthdays, client meetings, doctor check-ups, anniversary parties, and much more. Simply get this calendar on your phone, laptop, computer, or even printed and hang it right on the wall in front of you or put it on the desk you work on.

Apart from this, we have also shared all the monthly calendars on our website. Download calendar for the month of your choice and start planning to manage your monthly activities.

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