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Professional business memo template design to write business proposal. Employees can write the message in the lower part.

Formal Business Memo Template Example and Sample

Report information, make a request, and recommend action with the help of a printable business memo template.

The second name of the memo is a memorandum or reminder that we use for internal communications with the members and employees of the company. Unlike an email, the memo is a great tool to transfer information to a large number of employees. We can use these memos to inform employees regarding upcoming events or broadcast internal changes.

Purpose of Business Memo Template

The key feature of a memo is to share common knowledge, instructions, and important issues with anyone, especially with the employees of the organization. Moreover, we can use these templates to address general staff concerns, announce some important things and events. Memos are also being kept as proof of communication.

Types of Memo Template

There are varieties of memo template styles available to explore and use. So, if you are looking for the best available memo templates, you can find some of the best available memo templates with this article of ours. There are many varieties of printable business memo templates available. Some of the most commonly used ones are as mentioned below:

  1. Request Memo Templates: The main objective of these memos is to gain favorable to a request.
  2. Confirmation Memo Templates: This memo is used to confirm the things which have been agreed upon verbally.
  3. Periodic Report Memo Templates: Periodic report memos, monthly cost control reports, quarterly sales reports are submitted at regular intervals.
  4. Ideas and Suggestion Memo Template: Many times, memos share ideas and suggestions. Also, most managers and team leaders like to take ideas from the team members and the employees.
  5. Informal Study Results Memo Template: Organizational personnel is sometimes asked to write the results of an informal study in a memo. So, the objective of the message is to present the information in an easy-to-read, understandable form.

Use a printable business memo template for communication inside your company. Use letters to communicate outside your company.

Formatting & Structure of Memorandum

The following information almost always appears at the top of a memo.

  • Date
  • To
  • From
  • Subject

Memos are generally short in writing. If it has to belong, it should never be longer than one page. So, if you need to communicate more information it is better to write a report. Additionally, memos do not require a salutation or a closing statement.

Uses of Formal Business Memorandum

Here you will read the various uses of memorandums.

  • Introducing information such as policy changes
  • Persuading people to take an action such as attending a meeting
  • Announcing policies
  • Changing a current work procedure
  • Confirming a conversation or agreement
  • Requesting information
  • Transmitting data
  • Presenting goals or expectations

Writing a business memo in many different styles is vital in today’s business communication. Mastering the skill of writing a memo will make you a better communicator. Also, the printable business memo template consists of a memorandum and header.

In the first paragraph, you will explain the purpose of the memo. Most people start this paragraph with the “I am writing this to inform”, or “I am writing to request” kind of things.

In the second paragraph, you can add context or supporting evidence. In this, paragraph two should say something like, “As our company continues to grow, we’ve decided it makes more sense to separate our video production team from our content team

And in the third paragraph, you’ll include your specific request for each employee.

So, if you find these blank printable business memo template useful then you can easily download and customize them. These are the best available templates that are being provided by us along with this article and start using them.

In addition, meeting agenda templates are available here to download. Get in touch with us and we will also share more business templates with you to make your job easier.

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